Electricity Emergencies

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Electricity Service Works

Utility Site Services offer a full array of electricity infrastructure services from the incoming service from the mains in the road into your property through to the meter and outlet pipework. As an independent provider we work across all networks and service providers to ensure that we explore a variety of options to produce a solution that is best for your needs.

The UK electricity connections market is complex and confusing with projects generally requiring a mix of 'contestable and non contestable works. Utility Site Services are able to provide the expertise needed to provide the most cost effective electricity connection for your project.

We provide a straightforward, efficient and customer focussed service across all areas including the following;
- Connections including design and feasibility studies for 11kv to 132kv electrical connections
- Temporary or permanent supplies
- Evaluation of network point of connection quotes
- Electricity networks and substation installation
- Cable laying and civils works
- Jointing (LV and HV Live)
- Diversions and disconnections
- Upgrade of supplies
- Insert (embedded) networks
- Site investigation and evaluations
- MPAN Registration
- G59 protection project management capacity evaluation and negotiation
- HV Maintenance
- Power factor correction


Electricity Metering Works

Meter installation requests can typically take 1-3 days form full receipt of information. Installation can take up to 28 working days form receipt of payment.

Electricity Service Works

As governed by Ofgem a standard DNO quote including the point of connection can take up to 6 weeks. If the contestable element of the project is large enough to justify an IDNO’s involvement, it can take up to a further 4 weeks to receive the full quotation.

In terms of timescales for deliverables larger projects can take up to 14 weeks for equipment to be ordered. Standard connections can take roughly 4 weeks.

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