Gas Emergencies

Firstly, open all available windows and doors to ensure the room is well ventilated. You can call the 24 hour gas emergency service free on 0800 111 999* and a trained operator from National Grid will take all the details.

If you know where it is located, shut the gas supply off at the mains. An engineer will usually be with you within an hour.

*Some mobile network operators may charge you for the call.

Case Studies

Gas Outlet Pipeworks

There are many advantages to choosing a single supplier to deliver all elements of new gas infrastructure works.

Utility Site Services are one of the few siteworks providers that can provide an end to end solution. As part of any infrastructure project, we can design and install commercial outlet pipework either above ground, steel pipework installations or underground MDPE (plastic) pipework if a boundary meter is required.

Above ground, steel outlet pipework installations

Above ground, welded steel outlet pipework installations are designed and constructed considering the layout of the property, ensuring safety compliance whilst delivering the most practical, aesthetic and cost effective solution to meet your specific needs.

Below ground MDPE (plastic) outlet pipework installations

Typically, connecting your boundary meter to your appliances will require underground MDPE (plastic) outlet pipework installation. In many instances a boundary meter requirement is enforced by the incumbent gas Network, and therefore generally not considered in your initial planning. With this knowledge it is advantageous to coordinate the design and installation of this outlet pipework alongside your inlet to maximise project efficiencies and minimise disruption.


Gas Meter Works

Meter exchange quotes can usually be turned round in 24 hours. The process typically takes 10 working days for standard diaphragm meters. Non-standard and rotary meters can vary.

Other quotations involving the meters can take 1-3 days. New meter installations and upgrades can take between 1 -2 weeks.

Gas Pipe Works

Gas pipe quotations can take between 1 - 4 weeks to produce from the receipt of the required information. Once acceptance is received installations can take 6 -8 weeks.

Please note that payment must be received with the acceptance for the project to commence.

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