Gas Emergencies

Firstly, open all available windows and doors to ensure the room is well ventilated. You can call the 24 hour gas emergency service free on 0800 111 999* and a trained operator from National Grid will take all the details.

If you know where it is located, shut the gas supply off at the mains. An engineer will usually be with you within an hour.

*Some mobile network operators may charge you for the call.

Case Studies

Gas Infrastructure Services

Utility Site Services offer a full array of gas infrastructure services from the incoming service from the mains in the road into your property through to the meter and outlet pipework. As an independent provider we work across all networks and service providers to ensure that we explore a variety of options to produce a solution that is best for your needs.

New Connections

If it's a new build site, or is the property not currently connected to the gas mains? Don't worry, we can advise and assist to make sure we get the site up and running with gas as soon as possible.

Not every property in the UK will have been previously connected depending on either its previous use, or its distance to the nearest gas main. If there is no gas main in the vicinity, we will advise you of the best course of action to meet your business requirements.

In order for us to provide you with a quotation, we require the maximum gas usage (peak demand) if all the consuming appliances were turned on at the same time (in KWH). We would also require a site map or plan clearly indicating the point at which you wish the gas pipe to be terminated at.

Upgrades / Downgrades

Certain types of businesses may use significantly more or less gas than others. If the requirements of a site change, the gas supply may be incapable of supplying the demand required and your appliances or production processes may not be as effective. Alternatively, if the site has over capacity of supply, the associated costs will be much higher than necessary.

For a quotation, or just good advice, give us a call. All we would need to know is what the businesses new peak demand will be (in KWH).


There are many reasons for wanting to disconnect a property from the gas supply from change of use to site demolition.

The reason for disconnection will influence the point of disconnection. If the property is to be demolished then we would need to disconnect the supply at the site boundary so that there is no danger of striking any live gas infrastructure whilst carrying out these works. We will then provide an engineer's site clear certificate to confirm that all known gas infrastructure has been made safe for redevelopment.

All we would need to provide a quotation is a site map or plan showing the meter location and where you would like the gas to be disconnected.


There are many reasons why it would be necessary to alter the layout of a sites current gas infrastructure from site redevelopment through to the current meter or pipe work causing an obstruction.

The process can be complicated including current meter disconnection and removal, pipe alteration and meter installation / reconnection. We will manage this end to end process for you and relocate your service with minimal disruption or inconvenience to the business.

In order to produce a quotation, we would require a site map or plan with the current meter position and the new desired meter position clearly identified.


Gas Meter Works

Meter exchange quotes can usually be turned round in 24 hours. The process typically takes 10 working days for standard diaphragm meters. Non-standard and rotary meters can vary.

Other quotations involving the meters can take 1-3 days. New meter installations and upgrades can take between 1 -2 weeks.

Gas Pipe Works

Gas pipe quotations can take between 1 - 4 weeks to produce from the receipt of the required information. Once acceptance is received installations can take 6 -8 weeks.

Please note that payment must be received with the acceptance for the project to commence.

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