Frequently Asked Questions

If we are installing both your service and meter, the meter installation will typically take place within a week or two of the connection being completed. If we're installing your meter as a standalone service, it would take 28 working days via your chosen supplier (providing you have a contract in place with that supplier).
It's sometimes possible to arrange an earlier plan date. If another customer delays their project, we may be able to provide you with an earlier date if all required permissions (e.g. authority from the highways) are granted.
Yes, we will require access from 8am until the work is completed.
A supply interruption is likely if we're completing an alteration or upgrade to an existing supply. Please let us know if you require your supply to remain constant during our works and we will discuss the options available to you.
This depends on your specific project and individual requirements. You can check this with your dedicated coordinator by contacting them directly.
Yes, we can quote for specifically working at the weekend. Please let us know if you require weekend work on your project
Smaller or simple works are normally completed in one visit. For larger or phased developments, a minimum of 5 properties must be ready for connection on each visit (with the exception of show homes). We can also quote to phase the work depending on your individual requirements - let us know your specific requirements when you make your request.
Yes, we will require access to the site and the property / properties we will be working at.
Utility Site Services provides a full nationwide delivery of any of its products. This capability ensures that our customers always benefit by having their project delivered by engineers with a local knowledge of their environment.
We offer new connections, disconnections, meters and alterations.
Yes, we can design and install standard domestic, commercial or industrial electricity meters across all profiler classes. Additionally, we create bespoke metering solutions to meet individual business requirements. We can also upgrade, replace, relocate or remove existing meters.
You can select any energy supplier of your choice. However we have relationships with a number of suppliers and can select one on your behalf.
It is your responsibility to highlight any 3rd party land (except public highway) that we are proposing to work in. Please tell us about any 3rd party land when you make your request. Please note that if works are required in 3rd party land, it is likely that additional costs will be incurred and the timeline for the works will be extended. This is due to the additional permissions required to excavate and install in 3rd party land.
Yes, you can lay ducting within your own private land. We will provide any details should you wish to proceed down this route.
The meter can be positioned in a number of locations and your coordinator will discuss the specific options available to you. Please note, for safety reasons the position should be considered very carefully.
This depends on the type of work we're doing for you. We will create a new MPAN whenever we install a new service.
Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) are companies licensed to distribute electricity in Great Britain by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets.
Your meter is owned by a Meter Operation (MOP) who is responsible for the meter. If you do encounter any issues following installation, these should be reported to your energy supplier who will liaise with the MOP to rectify the problem.
You will need to contact your electricity supplier directly if you have any issues with billing.
Your MPAN should be printed on your recent electricity bill. Do not confuse your MPAN number with your electricity supplier account number or the meter serial number printed on your electricity meter. The format of a MPAN is standard and will normally be shown on your bill using a large ‘S’ and a grid of numbers.